Weddings are all about bringing people together. After all, you are merging two families, two friend groups, and two households into one. While your new status as a fiancé  to someone might make you a bit nostalgic and emotional(and rightfully so), it also may cause you to make some mistakes throughout the planning of your wedding. One of the most common mistakes brides and grooms make when it comes to their reception is hiring a family member to do a job that really should be completed by a professional.

From time to time, there are brides who insist that their aunt does their floral arrangement or their cousin make their wedding cake. But nepotism at weddings is most common when it comes to one very important aspect of your reception. That’s right, I’m talking about the DJ.

You might think that having your fiancé ‘s college roommate play DJ for the night could not possibly be that bad. I mean, how hard could it possibly be for someone to pick out a couple of songs that are romantic and seemingly perfect for your special day. However, having seen a non-professional DJ play a Linkin Park song at a wedding before, we urge you to bite the bullet and get someone who actually knows what they are doing to be responsible for the tunes at your wedding reception. Still want to trust your niece who is going through a Tupac phase to DJ your big day? Let’s discuss a few more reasons for hiring a professional is your best option.

Professional DJs are dedicated to you and your vision

When it comes to hiring a friend or family member to be your DJ, chances are you are going to hear a lot of songs that the DJ themselves is fond of. Listen, I am not knocking anyone’s taste in music, but some people don’t have wedding-appropriate taste in music and that is sure to become apparent should you hire someone who is not a professional DJ. On the other hand, a professional disc jockey not only will play any and all songs that you request but they also likely can give you more suggestions based off your individual vision of your wedding and reception.

Professional Wedding DJs bring their past experiences with them

If you ever have the chance to speak with a wedding DJ, you will quickly learn that they have seen some disasters occur at weddings. The good news? They can help you to ensure that none of those same disasters occur on your big day….along with the help of your wedding planner, of course.

You won’t have to worry about a thing

And speaking of avoiding disasters, didn’t you hire a wedding coordinator so that you could be relaxed and enjoy every single second of your wedding day thoroughly? If you just answered ‘yes’, then I have no idea why you would leave something as important as what is essentially your wedding soundtrack up to fate. When you have hired a professional DJ for your wedding day, you won’t have to worry about the music, the equipment, or any potential technical difficulties that may occur.

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