One of the things you learn very quickly when you are a wedding planner is that Murphy’s Law is a very real thing. The idea that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” is applicable in most situations in this life, but when it comes to wedding days, you have to be more than just minimally prepared for what the universe is going to throw at you.

Don’t get me wrong. When you have a wedding planner on your side, the majority of things that can be controlled will already be taken care of before you ever start pouring wedding day mimosas. On the other hand, there are tiny things that can go wrong here and there that might cause an already emotional bride to go a little bit nutty.

For instance, if one of your bridesmaids was to snag her dress on the corner of a table, how would you fix it? What if it rains during your ceremony the same way it did during mine and you have to find a quick and easy way to make yourself look reception-ready as soon as the nuptials are over?

The point I am trying to make is you never know what emergency is going to occur on your wedding day and it is for that reason that you have to prepare for literally all of them. It is also because of this that you need the ultimate emergency wedding day kit.

What is the Ultimate Emergency Wedding Day Kit?

Essentially, the ultimate emergency wedding day kit provides you with everything you could possibly need in the case that something doesn’t go according to plan on your big day. Having had a wedding that took place in the pouring rain, I know a few things about having to remain prepared and therefore compiled all of the items in this kit myself. I did this because as your wedding planner, I want you to have peace of mind. Whether it’s the day before the wedding, your wedding day, or the last hour of your reception, there shouldn’t be a single problem to arise that I cannot help you to fix. The kit helps me to guarantee that.

What sorts of things can you find in it?

The kit comes equipped with many different items. In fact, there are 50 individual items in total that can help with a number of different issues on your wedding day.

One of my favorite items in the kit are shoe pads, because trust me, at least one person is going to be complaining non-stop about how much their feet hurt and that’s the last thing you want to hear while you’re trying to enjoy your wedding day.

Additionally, the kit includes nearly everything you are going to need to ensure your wedding photos come out perfectly. From bobby pins to dry shampoo and eyelash glue, nothing will be out of place when the photographer tells you to smile.

Petrichor Planning has you covered

Regardless of what goes wrong, you can breathe easy knowing you have your wedding planner and your emergency kit on your side. For more information about what the kit includes, just ask!

Call me to learn more about the kit!