If you’re getting married, you could be overwhelmed with the expenses associated with wedding planning. Even the most budget-friendly wedding could cost you thousands of dollars. In an effort to save money and stick to a budget, some couples forgo hiring a wedding planner and attempt to coordinate their big day on their own.

What if we informed you that you wedding planners could actually save you money? In some cases, the money you would save on vendors from hiring a wedding planner pays for itself. Do we have your attention now? Wedding coordinators help you save cash in a variety of different ways.

Save Money On Vendors
Perhaps the biggest way in which a wedding planner helps cut costs is by negotiating vendor discounts. Wedding coordinators build relationships with different vendors and form partnerships so you have access to discounted services. Is haggling not your thing? With a seasoned planner by your side, they can work out a great price for you.

Sometimes couples have their hearts set on certain vendors and are willing to pay premium prices for their services. However, wedding planners might be able to find you an equally talented vendor you didn’t even know about for an even better price. Planners have access to a wide network of vendors to provide you with goods and services that fit your unique tastes and your budget. Score!

Stick to a Budget
Coordinating your big day involves many moving parts while sticking to a timeline. When you are feeling rushed, you’re more likely to spend higher amounts of money on services. The beauty of great wedding planners lies in their ability to review your budget and stick to it while still hitting your deadlines.

Truly savvy planners also help identify the aspects of your big day that are most important to you. This means they will know where they can cut costs and where they can spend a greater amount of money. Your coordinator could prevent you from spending unnecessary amounts of money on services you don’t really care about.

Insider Knowledge
Even if you’ve been married before, you have probably haven’t planned as many weddings as a professional wedding coordinator. The number of details you have to attend to will boggle your mind. Without expertise in wedding and event planning, you could wind up paying way too much on certain parts of your ceremony.

On the other hand, wedding consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of wedding planning, so they’ll be able to prevent you from overspending on certain vendors.

Save Time
We’ve all heard the phrase “ time is money.” It’s quite common for the bride and groom to be employed full-time, which makes them available for wedding planning for limited amounts of time. Harried moms may not have enough hours in the day to take care of all the details of their pending nuptials.

Think about it: do you really want to spend every day after work and your entire weekend coordinating your big day for several months? It’s important to wind down in your free time if you work a stressful job. Betrothed moms and dads may want to spend more of their free time with their kids. If you value your time as much as money, paying an event coordinator could be a win-win situation.

While it’s totally understandable to sweat your wedding budget, hiring a wedding planning company could be the way to go. With the time and money they could save you, their services could pay for themselves. If you dream of the ultimate Colorado wedding, check out our wedding planning packages at Petrichor Planning. We’ll take the stress out of event coordination so you can enjoy your big day to the fullest.