Is your big day approaching? Although you may want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, you may be tempted to do your hair and makeup yourself. Although you might have your daily hair and makeup routine down to a science, your wedding day beauty routine is an entirely different ballgame.

You could also be considering handing the reins over to your best friend or cousin for your wedding day look, but that could be a bad idea. Your loved ones may have the very best intentions, but they’re still amateurs. If you don’t like their work, you could be stuck in a very uncomfortable situation on one of the most busiest and significant days of your life.

If you hire a team of professional hairstylists and makeup artists, you’ll get your money’s worth for sure. Our Colorado wedding coordinators at Petrichor Planning offer four good reasons for hiring professionals to create your look.


We guarantee that your big day will be a whirlwind of activity from start to finish. Doing your hair and makeup yourself takes time, which will be limited on during such a busy day. Instead, opt to sit down and relax, drinking a cup of coffee (or champagne) while you chat with your stylist.

Not only have hairstylists and makeup artists mastered the art of their craft, they’re also great at reading people and putting them at ease. If you would prefer to chill and not talk, they’ll happily work in silence and concentrate on the task at hand. However, if you want to cut up and discuss the latest season of Game of Thrones, they’ll happily shoot the breeze with you.

Prevent a Disaster

You’ve watched plenty of Youtube tutorials on bridal hair and makeup, so you’re more than capable of crafting your wedding look, right? Don’t count on it. Many brides love to shape their hair into loose waves and whimsical curls, which involves using heat tools. The last thing you want to do prior to walking down the aisle is burning a piece of your hair off with a curling iron.

Professionals have plenty of experience working with all kinds of tools that could be considered deadly in the wrong hands (like yours). Feel free to experiment with hot tools after your wedding, but play it safe on your big day to avoid awkward wedding photos.

Create a Look That Lasts All Day

Even if you’re great at doing your own hair and makeup, can you make it last? If you plan on dancing at all or are holding an outdoor ceremony, it’s even harder to create a look that won’t quickly melt or fall apart. Professionals use the highest-quality tools and products to provide you a look that lasts beautifully throughout your ceremony and reception.

Picture Perfect

You paid a pretty penny for your wedding photographer, so it only makes sense to have the best talent create your look. Although your natural makeup looks great on a daily basis, you could appear washed out in your pictures. Your hair and makeup team go the extra mile to ensure you look as flawless as possible in every picture.

Be Prepared!

With so many reasons to hire true professionals, you’re ready to find the right talent. Do an online search or check out some of our recommendations. Take a look at the portfolio of different artists to find one you like. Make sure to schedule an appointment for a demo months in advance to determine if they are a good fit. 

If you’re looking for assistance with more than just your hair and makeup, our Colorado wedding planners at Petrichor Planning have you covered. We offer a variety of different packages tailored to your unique needs, so reach out to our wedding coordinators today to get started.


Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash