There are a ton of very exciting things you get to plan when you are the bride. Upon getting that ring on your finger, your brain likely flurried with anticipation as you began to think about the many different facets of your wedding that you would get to plan.

What most brides don’t take into consideration, however, is how taxing making all of these decisions can truly be.

While you might think you can take care of securing all of the details leading up to your wedding. Sure, getting a day-of coordinator is a great plan for your actual wedding day, but the rest of the choices and planning that you will need completed before the wedding might have you feeling a bit ragged by the time you make it down the aisle.

How can you prevent this? Simple.

You need to hire a wedding planner.

And no, I don’t mean hire a wedding planner a week or two out from your wedding. You need someone who can assist you with every aspect of your wedding leading up to the big day so that you have the ability to fully enjoy this magical thing known as “the engagement period.”

A wedding planner will help you with budgeting

Weddings are expensive. Listen, I am not under the impression that you don’t already know this, but I must reiterate. Whatever you think a wedding costs, you likely need to move your decimal point over to the right one, because believe me baby, it is going to cost more.

That is of course, unless you have a wedding planner helping you to budget. As a wedding planner, I know how to get you what you want for as little as possible (which quite honestly could still be more than you want to spend). Either way, a wedding planner can set your expectations and make sure you are completely aware of what your vision for your wedding will realistically cost.

A wedding planner is your connection to the best vendors

It might be tempting to explore your whole town or city to find the best bakery, florist, DJ, venue, dress, and more. Plain and simple, I would not suggest it. As a wedding planner, I have already done all of this research for you and I know who you should be working with…and more importantly, who you shouldn’t. None of these things can be decided by a day-of coordinator. Additionally, a day-of coordinator is only there to make your day great, not your entire wedding.

Hire Petrichor Planning today

While you might think a day-of coordinator is a better option than a wedding planner, I would urge you to think about what you will be giving up if you do not have a professional helping you with your wedding.

You will be losing precious time you could be spending with your fiancé and friends in the months leading up the wedding. You could lose money if you choose the wrong vendors, and you will likely lose a lot of sleep at night.

Call Petrichor Planning today and let’s talk about how to make your wedding everything you have ever imagined and more, both leading up to your wedding and on your special day.

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