For those of you over the age of thirty, you may remember the iconic show, “MTV Unplugged.” Famed musicians from Eric Clapton to Nirvana to Jay Z stepped onstage and performed their greatest hits using only acoustic instruments. Without the use of electronic instruments, the entire band crafted an intimate environment. Each note depicted an emotional nuance and vulnerability that could have otherwise drowned out in a flood of electronic music.

What on earth does this have to do with weddings? With the rise of social media and digital everything at our fingertips, a significant amount of people are embracing unplugged events as a respite from modern distractions. In fact, more than a few brides and grooms choose to embrace unplugged ceremonies. What is an unplugged wedding and why is it so popular?


Unplugged Wedding

Have you ever attended some kind of event and decided to document it on your cell phone? Chances are, you missed out in the moment because you were so focused on obtaining the perfect shot. Don’t feel guilty; technology and social media are designed to hook you in, so you’re not alone in your actions.

When more than half of your wedding guests pull out their phones, cameras and iPads to film your ceremony, they can disrupt the service. You’ve already shelled out a pretty penny for a wedding photographer and maybe a videographer as well. Even seasoned professionals experience great difficulties capturing the best image when your cousin is on all fours in the aisle trying his best to craft the ultimate Instagram image.


Staying in the Moment

In a phone and camera-free wedding, your guests can stay in the moment, cherishing the beauty of your celebration. Few occasions are as tender as the ones spent witnessing a friend or family member exchange vows. Unplugged ceremonies create a wedding to remember, and your guests will feel truly grateful to relax and enjoy the ceremony sans devices.


Better Photos

With the variety of different Instagram filters available, we all think our photos are professional quality. Here’s the thing: they’re not. If this were the case, no one would bother to hire professional photographers or videographers.

Professionals pour their hearts and souls into creating the best wedding imagery, which could be ruined when your sister takes a flash photo of your kiss from the front row. Unplugged weddings give artists the freedom of movement to document each tender moment beautifully without obtrusive guest shots.


Unplugged Wedding Ideas

Are you interested in holding your own device-free ceremony? Unplugged weddings are surprisingly easy to create. Prior to the ceremony, we suggest planting a beautiful sign in a highly visible area that gently requests guests to refrain from taking pictures.

Keep it nice and friendly. Your guests will happily oblige when you let them know you want to see their smiles and instead of their cell phones. You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar, right?

However, excited guests could overlook even the most prominent signs. Therefore, it’s a good idea for your officiant to announce your request at the beginning of the ceremony. As an added benefit, the likelihood of someone’s phone ringing in a pivotal moment is much less likely.


Heighten the magic of your wedding and go unplugged. If you need help crafting the big day of your dreams, our Colorado wedding coordinators at Petrichor Planning are here to help. We offer a variety of different packages designed to fit your budget and needs. Contact our wedding planners at Petrichor Planning today to get started on this amazing journey.