I couldn’t have asked for a more detail-oriented planner!

I was one of those brides who thought, “ Well, I’m super organized, type-A, good with task-oriented lists, I probably don’t need a wedding planner!” It didn’t take all too long for me to realize I was in over my head with details, deadlines, and the other wedding formalities.

Shortly thereafter, Meghan reached out to me, I was ecstatic!
I knew Meghan on a personal level and knew that she would care for my special day as if it was her own.

Meghan and I sat down to hatch out details almost every month throughout the six months or so leading up to my wedding. Small things such as mother of the bride/groom gifts, rehearsal how-to’s, and even ceremony specifics were all things that would have easily gone overlooked had I not had Meghan’s help. I couldn’t have asked for a more detail-oriented planner!

Subtle Wedding catastrophes, that I didn’t even KNOW happened, happened! And you better believe Meghan handled them like a champ! She and her husband picked up extra silverware day-of the wedding to make certain all of my guests had matching flatware! That is service beyond belief!

I’m forever grateful to have Meghan’s expertise and professionalism. Post-wedding, I had so many comments from friends, family, guests, and other vendors that she was a DREAM to work with.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner, look no more, Meghan is your gal!