1. You Need More Than a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

    There are a ton of very exciting things you get to plan when you are the bride. Upon getting that ring on your finger, your brain likely flurried with anticipation as you began to think about the many different facets of your wedding that you would get to plan. What most brides don’t take into con…Read More

  2. Where Did All The Money Go? Wedding Planning On a Budget

    When it comes to weddings, the “B” word you are most likely to hearing is probably “Bridezilla”. While you certainly never want to hear that word when it comes to planning your own wedding, there is another “B” word that you likely need to fear more. That word is “budget”. One of the…Read More

  3. Be the Bride (Not the Wedding Planner) On Your Big Day

    Getting an engagement ring and a promise to spend forever with the person of your dreams comes with a lot of changes quickly. As a self-sufficient woman with a great head on her shoulders, it’s likely that once your fiancé got up off his knee, the wheels in your brain were already beginning to tu…Read More

  4. Summer Colorado Wedding at Stove Prairie Ranch

    Pederson Wedding The big birthday party, or so it was referred to throughout the planning process by our sweet groom to be, Sean. Little did I know, because our bride, Dakota, kept it on the down low, this was kind of a birthday party. I found out the day or the rehearsal that it was her birthday! I…Read More

  5. In Defense of Unplugged Weddings

    For those of you over the age of thirty, you may remember the iconic show, “MTV Unplugged.” Famed musicians from Eric Clapton to Nirvana to Jay Z stepped onstage and performed their greatest hits using only acoustic instruments. Without the use of electronic instruments, the entire band crafted …Read More

  6. 6 Wedding Traditions You Can Break

    Here at Petrichor Planning, we love the creative process of wedding planning. We believe that no two weddings should be alike, which is why we tailor each big day to suit the tastes of each individual couple. Sometimes, brides and grooms feel pressured to conform to certain wedding traditions that s…Read More

  7. Steal the Show With These 6 Winter Wedding Looks

    In the coldest months of the year, people from all over the world flock to Colorado to experience its breathtakingly beautiful winter season. Typically, spring and summer are considered the peak wedding seasons, but winter weddings are quite popular in the Rocky Mountains. Planning your incredible w…Read More