Not sure you need a wedding planner? See what some of the Petrichor couples are saying about their experiences.

“Meghan was an absolute must for our wedding! She gave us invaluable insight into many things that we would have overlooked or undervalued had we tried to plan and coordinate our entire weddings ourselves. She is incredibly friendly, organized, professional, and you still feel like she’s your best friend at the end of the day. I highly recommend that you hire a wedding planner, and I highly recommend that it’s Petrichor Planning!” – David Rodgers

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“There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how wonderful it was to have Meghan be such a big part of our wedding! She took the stress out of every single step of the process from finding vendors, attending meetings, negotiating prices. She kept us on track and within budget, the whole way plus she did it with the biggest smile and crazy amounts of enthusiasm! I can honestly say our big day was perfect! And that’s because this lady ran around ALL day making sure it would b, if anything went wrong, we didn’t know, and that’s all thanks to her! Not to mention my friends and family loved her! If you’re looking for any sort of wedding coordinating service I HIGHLY recommend you stop looking and book Meghan!”- Dakota Pederson

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“I was one of those brides who thought, “ Well, I’m super organized, type-A, good with task-oriented lists, I probably don’t need a wedding planner!” It didn’t take all too long for me to realize I was in over my head with details, deadlines, and the other wedding formalities. Shortly thereafter, Meghan reached out to me, I was ecstatic! I knew Meghan on a personal level, and knew that she would care for my special day as if it was her own. Meghan and I sat down to hatch out details almost every month throughout the six months or so leading up to my wedding. Small things such as mother of the bride/groom gifts, rehearsal how-to’s, and even ceremony specifics were all things that would have easily gone overlooked had I not had Meghan’s help. I couldn’t have asked for a more detail-oriented planner! Subtle Wedding catastrophes, that I didn’t even KNOW happened, happened! And you better believe, Meghan handled them like a champ! She and her husband picked up extra silverware day-of the wedding to make certain all of my guests had matching flatware! That is service beyond belief! I’m forever grateful to have Meghan’s expertise and professionalism. Post-wedding, I had so many comments from friends, family, guests, and other vendors that she was a DREAM to work with. If you’re looking for a wedding planner, look no more, Meghan is your gal! Xoxo Megs”- Kylie Bergmann Wedding Details

“My wife and I got married this past September and we could not have done it without Meghan! I usually have to ask my wife all questions that are wedding related, but Meghan did a great job with taking control and making things run through her. She even had these little business cards that she handed out to my groomsmen and I with her number to let us know if any of us had any questions. She did a great job at making herself available as well as getting us organized for the day of, and all the events surrounding our special day. Our day of timeline had things on it I hadn’t even considered, so I’m glad someone was thinking of them. I would highly suggest having Meghan help plan any wedding as having her around made my wife’s and my life easier. ” – Ben Buhler

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