Falling in love is a lot like a light shower of rain. At first, there are clouds, the signs that something is brewing in the distance. The wind picks up, the pressure changes, and suddenly you begin to feel a drop every now and then. One drop falls and hits your cheek, a sweet subtle moment, then those droplets begin to scatter around you and soon you find that they have marked you from head to toe, and you’re ready to be drenched in the feeling.

We’re sure you still remember the first time it really occurred to you that you had fallen in love with the person you are now going to marry. It’s a life-altering, self-altering thing, that can start so subtly and then truly transform you. Our Light Showers package is not only an homage to that feeling, but it also gives you everything you need to prepare for your wedding, without asking you to get drenched in all of the responsibility that comes with this huge task.

We like to think of this package as the one that provides you with the most essential of planning help, while also allowing you to direct the planning process as you please. This wedding planning packing is best for a bride who wants to do most of the work herself, but who also knows that there is much value in having a professional wedding planner as an ally.

Light Showers Planning Package

The Light Showers Package comes with four client/planner meetings, five vendor meetings and assistance with event design and theme and much more. This wedding planning package was designed to offer direction for a bride who has a concept and more, but who also only has limited knowledge on how she can accomplish this vision. Petrichor works with the best vendors in Northern Colorado, freeing up time for you to enjoy your engagement; time you would otherwise be doing research, making phone calls, and other wedding-related tasks.

There are numerous wedding-related tasks this wedding planning package can help you to execute perfectly, including:


  • Four (4) Client/Planner meetings
  • Five (5) Vendor meetings for the wedding planner to attend in the categories of your choice: DJ; Florist; Caterer; etc…
  • Unlimited contact via email
  • Monthly e-mail “check-ins” to ensure the planning is running smoothly and on track
  • Receive a general planning checklist
  • Production of a detailed Wedding Day Itinerary
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Confirm arrangements; check delivery date, arrival times, quantities of rentals, etc with all vendors
  • A detailed timeline will be sent one month prior to your wedding day to all vendors for review. 
  • Final timeline to be sent one week prior to the wedding day
  • Confirmation of all wedding vendors
  • Etiquette advisement, as requested
  • Assistance with the wording of all stationary
  • Review current budget, and help make any necessary changes, adjustments, or cost-cutting suggestions
  • Event design, theme and décor assistance


  • Coordinate ceremony rehearsal (1 hour)
  • Distribute extremely detailed wedding day itinerary to wedding party, family, and attendants
  • Collect/Coordinate final payments for specific vendors
  • Collect wedding day items such as marriage license, guest signing item, cake knife, cake topper, toasting flutes, favors, candles, programs, escort cards, chargers, etc. (prior to wedding or day of rehearsal)


The Big Day

Additionally, this package comes with the promise of a stress-free wedding day, something we believe every single person should be entitled to. While you may be sure of what sort of wedding you want, and how to prepare, there is no use being both the wedding planner and the bride on your big day. This is the only time you are going to be marrying your best friend, every second should be as magical as the love the two of you share.


  • One assistant coordinator
  • Manage the flow and timing of the ceremony and reception (until cake cutting)
  • Act as a liaison between wedding party, family members, and vendors
  • Use of extensive Bridal Emergency Kit.  We’ll be ready and available to solve any unexpected situations or emergencies


CEREMONY (2 hours)

  • Distribute bouquets and pin flowers on attendants & family members
  • Direct photographer, videographer, musicians, rentals, florist, etc of where to set up
  • Oversee set-up of the ceremony to make sure all commitments are fulfilled
  • Distribute final payments and gratuities as needed
  • Set up all ceremony décor not handled by a specific vendor (i.e. guest signing item, unity candles, programs, pictures, etc.)
  • Direct Ushers with programs and seating distribution
  • Line up and cue wedding party/musicians for ceremony
  • Give marriage license to officiant & wedding rings are present
  • Collect all personal wedding items and gifts and deliver to reception site or designated person



  • Set up all reception décor not handled by a specific vendor (i.e. favors, menus, candles, cake knife, toasting flutes, escort cards, gifts, charger plates, etc)
  • Manage vendor set-up of reception and make sure all commitments are fulfilled
  • Bustle wedding gown
  • Line up and cue Bride, Groom and wedding party for Grand Entrance  
  • Assist band or DJ in cueing important events (i.e. grand entrance, parent dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.)
  • Cue Bride and Groom for all important events
  • Maintain & coordinate timeline for all events during reception
  • Stay in communication with banquet staff to ensure things are going smoothly


Petrichor Planning Wants To Make Your Day Special

Don’t put the pressure on yourself that comes with planning a wedding entirely on your own. With Petrichor Planning, you can hire a partner to act as a helpful guide throughout your engagement and the wedding planning process. We want to honor the memory and the renewing energy that your love, like a light shower, can bring to your life and the lives of others.